Welcome to Teatersalen

Our largest and most versatile facility can accommodate up to 250 guests for meetings and dinners. In connection with our recent renovation, Teatersalen has gone through an extensive upgrade.

Now, with top modern AV equipment, HD projectors, significantly improved acoustics and a new ventilation system, this venue is perfect for a wide range of meetings and conferences. The fully integrated sound system, and new programmable lights, will help set the right atmosphere to your event in this unique ballroom, whether it is for your wedding, annual dinner or Christmas party. Please let us know if you would like a closer look or need more information. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Please see below a summary of the upgrade:

  • Significantly improved acoustics
  • Top modern AV equipment such as 4 HD projectors for presentations and video
  • Fully integrated sound system, with the possibility to connect to DJ equipment
  • Enhanced lighting in the whole venue
  • Programmable lights with full color range
  • New ventilation system with integrated cooling

Teatersalen provides a very special setting for such events as festive dinners, award ceremonies, anniversaries and weddings, as well as product launches, meetings and conferences. Our executive chef and his team compose customised menus from high-quality raw materials. Technical aids are readily available, and Teatersalen is often used for live streaming and press conferences. The setting creates a fine atmosphere for every occasion, while the big windows provide plenty of natural light. Since Teatersalen can be subdivided into Teatersalen I and II, it is also very suitable for smaller functions.

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