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Green initiatives at Hotel Continental


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A green and sustainable future

The European Commission awarded Oslo the prestigious European Green Capital title for 2019. Oslo's dedication to preserve the environment and climate is stronger than ever and the 
city has high ambitions. Read about how Hotel Continental supports a green and sustainable future. 

Eco-Lighthouse certification

Hotel Continental has been Eco-Lighthouse certified since 2011. This means that our company takes sustainability seriously, and has fulfilled strict requirements within the areas of: work environment, purchasing, energy, transportation, waste, emissions and esthetics. By choosing an Eco-Lighthouse certified company, you contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Reduce Food Waste

Food is disposed for millions of euros every year in Norway. This is not sustainable, neither for profitability, the environment nor ethical reasons. Along with the rest of the hospitality industry in Norway, Hotel Continental and its restaurants have set a goal of reducing food waste. Join us in cutting food waste!

Our ​Green Initiatives

  1. Green heating of all areas with district heating, no current.
  2. We have invested in a high-tech energy station that enable us to save 20% of the power we use and furthermore recycle 13%.
  3. Recycling of food waste.
    • Sorting of waste in 12 different fractions with a 10% reduction of waste every year (equal to 30 tons).
    • We encourage and have requirements to our suppliers that they deliver goods with less carton/paper and plastic.
  4. During restoration of our buildings, 80 – 85% of the waste is recycled.
  5. Re-fill containers only in the guest bathrooms.
  6. Laundrybag in cotton, not plastic.
  7. No plastic packaging on slippers.
  8. Information to encourage guests to think green on our keycard envelopes:
    • Do as the locals do, drink delicious Norwegian water directly from the tap
    • Please hang your towel to signal that it will be reused, only towels on the floor will be replaced.
    • Linnens will be changed every third day

We are also very conscious of our use of paper, thus we have moved our information flow and marketing over to digital platforms.

Encouragement to our guests

We are dependent on our guests’ help to be able to become a fully sustainable operation. We encourage our guests to think green by e.g. using their towel several times, not changing the linens every day, do as the locals – drink water from the tap, ordering the right amount of food to reduce waste etc.

Thank you for your help – it matters!