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To ensure that group, meeting and event arrangements run smoothly, the client must agree to the terms and conditions stated below:


Final program and participant/rooming list will have to be sent to the hotel at least 14 days before arrival. We ask you to give us notice if any of the participants have any special needs or requests.


We confirm check-in from 3 pm. If you require an early check-in, we recommend reserving the hotel room from the night before. Check-out is at 12 noon.


The agreed rates are given in connection to a booking in Continental Event. If the meeting or event is cancelled, other rates will apply for the accommodation.
The hotel reserves the right to adjust the prices due to changes of costs i.e. increased taxes, fees or other conditions out of control for the hotel. An increase of 5-10% per year may be expected.


Cancellation and reduction policy of meeting, event and food & beverage:

No. of days before event                                        Attendee Reduction                
Up to 90 days                                                             No charge
Up to 60 days                                                             20 % charge of total quote
Up to 30 days                                                             50 % charge of total quote
Up to 14 days                                                             90 % charge of total quote
Less than 14 days                                                      All reductions are charged at full cost.

Reduction of overnight rooms:

No. of days before event                                         Room Nights Reduction
Up to 90 days                                                             Up to 100 % reduction
Up to 60 days                                                             Up to 80 % reduction
Up to 30 days                                                             Up to 50 % reduction
Up to 14 days                                                             Up to 10 % reduction
Less than 14 days                                                      All reductions are charged at full cost.

For events with 80 participants or more, 50 % of the room rent must be prepaid in order to confirm the booking. 

A cancellation fee is calculated on basis of the full value of the reservation. The agreed rates are binding for both parties. For events for which the menu has not been decided, the basis for calculation is NOK 1000 per person for dinner events, and NOK 400 per person for lunch. Rent of premises is additional. Changes to the menu must be done no later than 7 days before the event.

All reductions must be sent in writing to Continental Event.


Charges for any services that are ordered in addition to the agreement, will be added to the invoice to the organizing client. Credit must be applied for in advance. We reserve the right to credit check all applications. Applications must be sent no later than 14 days prior to arrival at the hotel. We charge a administration fee of NOK 250 per invoice.


The hotel reserves the right to ask for deposit or bank warranty. All private events must be paid in advance.


For benefits not included in the agreement, every participant must settle their own bill. The organizing client is responsible for any unsettled bills, unless otherwise agreed.


The organizer is responsible for all costs in relation to packages sent in connection to an event/stay. Shipping costs arriving at the hotel after the event/stay has taken place will be charged the sender.


Hotel Continental is not responsible for any gifts or self-carried items brought into the hotel.

Distribution of gifts, use of special equipment, flower arrangements, posters, use of signs, banners and flags must be clarified with the hotel prior to the event. It is not allowed to bring food and drinks to the event rooms.

If the premises are needed past the agreed time of conclusion, this must be clarified separately with the hotel. Use past the agreed time of conclusion will be charged per hour.

The organizer is financially responsible for any damage done to Hotel Continental by any of the participants.


Events outside Hotel Continental’s control such as strikes, lockouts, fire, lack of delivery etc., give the hotel the right to cancel the event without any obligations or fees.